Brew on Premises Details – With Beer List

December 18, 2012

Brew on Premises Details


You can make one or two batches of beer at a time. Each brewing session takes from 3 to 4.5 hours depending on your recipe. Each batch will yield six cases (144 bottles ). Chose from one of our 50 house recipes or we’ll customize one to your specific needs.

To schedule a brewing appointment or ask any questions, call us at 917.596.7261 or email We require booking your brewing experience in advance, and generally book up about 2 to 3 weeks during the holiday season. A $100 (nonrefundable) deposit is required In order to lock in your space. We are occasionally able to accommodate date changes up to two weeks prior to your reservation.

Brew on Premises Beer Selections

How it Works

  • 1710-BOP-Infographic-FNL-step11. Schedule your brew day: Make an appointment & choose beer style(s).
    Choose from over 50 different house recipes or we can discuss how to customize one.
  • 1710-BOP-Infographic-FNL-step22. Brew day: Make the beer!
    Brew day is when the fun begins in earnest. During the brewing session you’ll work with a master brewer to blend malt, hops, yeast and water in perfect harmony to create beer. One of our experts will be on hand to help as little or as much as you need. Arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of your appointment. Reservations that are more than 30 minutes late without prior notice may be canceled. We’ll schedule the bottling day at this time. Up to 6 people are invited to join you and are included in the price. We’re happy to accommodate additional invitees and private events. Additional fees will apply.
  • 1710-BOP-Infographic-FNL-step33. Fermentation: Leave the beer to ferment.
    We’ll tuck your beer into our temperature controlled fermentation chamber where it will be lovingly cared for over the next two to three weeks. We’ll check your beer two to three days before bottling and will notify you if it needs more time.
  • 1710-BOP-Infographic-FNL-step44. Rack the beer: We’ll transfer it and prep it for bottling.
    Behind the scenes we rack (transfer) the beer to a bottling keg and prepare the space for your return visit.
  • 1710-BOP-Infographic-FNL-step55. Bottling Day: Return to bottle your beer.
    You return and package the beer into either 12 oz or 22 oz bottles. Bring friends! Six cases usually takes about an hour and a half. You take all six cases home with you. Upon request, we can provide kegs (Sankey or Corney).
  • 1710-BOP-Infographic-FNL-step66. Condition & Enjoy: Take it home, condition, & Enjoy
    All beers produced at Bitter & Esters are force carbonated and are ready to drink the day you bottle them. Many recipes will continue to develop and improve in the bottle with extended time and can be enjoyed for many months to come. Rinse, clean and store your bottles upside down for reuse next time you brew.