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Bitter & Esters 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Hey there homebrewer/beer lovers! Here is our annual guide to all the things you or your zythophile friends might need to satisfy Santa’s relentless desire to make everyone happy. We’ve got a few new options this year, with fun and useful gifts in every price range.

Under $20 – Socks + Candy + Soap

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Keep your brewer warm, sweet and clean! High quality socks with images of hops and beer (a true fashion statement), sweet candies made from hops (childproof yet still delicious!) and soap made from beer that smells fantastic. These make great stocking stuffers. Bonus points if you can use all of these things at the same time!

Under $50 – Digital Scale + Kombucha Kit + Books + Wooden Sixpack Holder

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Recipes are never written in just one measurement system and a digital scale helps with the pound/ounce conversions and helps ensure that you don’t make bottle bombs when bottling. This is a piece of equipment that every brewer (and cook!) needs but rarely buys for themselves.

Kombucha making kit. From our friends at Kombucha Brooklyn, this kit has everything you need to make delicious, healthy Kombucha.

Brewing books. We carry a full line of books from How to Brew to Advanced Techniques. Plus we carry books on mead making, cider making and kombucha making. A great combo is John Palmer’s Water book with a ph meter or Jamil Zainasheff and Chris White’s Yeast book with a stir plate and an Erlenmeyer flask.

Wooden Six Pack Holder. A classier way to carry your homebrew around town. This laser cut six-pack holder is a marvel of technology that will last far longer than the paper six-pack holders you’ve been using to cart your beer around.

$50-$100 – The Bräuler + Wort Chiller + All in One Essentials Kit + 101 Class

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Bräuler stainless steel growler. This wide mouthed stainless steel growler with insulated jacket will keep your beer cold and fresh for a long time. Add the fresh cap co2 system and keep that beer fresh and carbonated as long as you want!

Wort Chiller. The fastest way to cool your wort down. Our 25 foot immersion chiller is American made and will save you lots of time on your brew day. This is the often the first thing we recommend for folks who are really getting serious about brewing.

All in one essentials kit. Our all in one brew kit has everything you need to start brewing 2-1/2 gallons of beer at home. Perfect for tiny NYC apartments, it includes the brewing equipment and ingredients plus instructions to get you on your way to your first delicious beer.

Brewshop 101 Class. Interested in learning to brew but not sure how to start? Got a friend who keeps mooching off your limited homebrew supply? Give a man a beer and you satisfy him for an hour, teach a man to brew and you satisfy him for a lifetime. Our Brewshop 101 class is the answer to your problems. Our 2.5 hour class will guide them through the process with hands on brewing instruction. They’ll learn everything they need to know to brew delicious beer right, the first time.

$100+ Complete Kegging System + Brew on Premises + Gift Certificates

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Complete kegging system. Tired of bottling? Want to have fresh beer on tap? Our complete kegging system comes with everything you need to keg and serve your beer. Once you start kegging your beer, you’ll never go back to bottles. This is the perfect gift for the homebrewer who thought they had everything.

Brew on Premises. Our Brew on Premises is a unique and fun way to brew your own beer, without having to do it at home and there is no experience necessary!. We provide an experienced brewmaster to guide you through the process of brewing 6 cases of delicious beer that you take home after four weeks. Great for parties and events.

Gift certificates are also available in any denomination and can be applied towards equipment, ingredients, classes or our Brew on Premises. If you just can’t decide what to get (or aren’t sure what to get), go with a gift certificate as we’re sure it will be appreciated.

If you’re still searching for ideas – just come into the shop and we’ll be more than happy to try and find the right gift for that special someone.

Brewshop 101: Homebrewing Essentials

B&E-101class_04_2_14Our intro classes are designed for the absolute novice brewer. They are a fantastic experience for anyone looking to develop a deeper understanding of beer, its ingredients, and the process by which it’s made in a friendly and savvy environment.

We teach in a concentrated 2 to 3 hour workshop format that focuses on a hands-on learning experience. Our teaching style is casual while also presenting a wealth of information. It is designed to provide our students the confidence, knowledge, and experience needed to become proficient home brewers and cultivated beer drinkers.

You will learn all the basics to get you up and running while brewing a batch of beer. You’ll learn about extract brewing, malts, grains, yeasts and how to avoid or troubleshoot the most common problems. All reference materials will be provided as well as a homebrew sample for tasting. The “Student” ticket is all you need to attend! Beginners welcome! Just pick the class you want to attend on the calendar below and you’ll be on your way.

Book it now!

If you would like reserve everything you need to brew your first batch of beer at home ahead of time, please choose the “Student + Brewing Essentials Starter Kit Ticket type,” and we’ll have a Brewing Essentials Kit waiting for you at the store. Purely optional. The Brewing Essentials Starter Kit includes the following:

2 Ale Pails (6.5 gallon food grade plastic buckets)
1 Grommeted lid for 6.5 gallon buckets
2 Bottling spigots
1 Airlock
1 Combination bottle filler
1 Floating thermometer
1 4oz container of sanitizer
1 Beer bottle brush
1 Siphon hose
1 Triple scale hydrometer
1 Bottle capper
144 Crown caps
2 Muslin grain bags

Also, for those who really want to prepare in advance, the “Student + Deluxe Brewing Essentials Starter Kit + Ingredients” ticket type will get you on your way to homebrew mastery with a 5 gallon brewpot, two cases of 12oz bottles and one of the following ingredient kits:

Luck o’ the Irish Dry Irish Stout
Resistor Pale Ale
Disaster IPA
4 Seasons Amber Ale
Hefeweiss Guy
Jon’s a Nut Brown Ale
Pumpkin Spice
Esters Bitter Robust Porter
Tis’ The Saison

We don’t issue refunds, but if you need to reschedule your class for any reason, you have up to 2 weeks in advance to do so. If you find yourself missing the deadline, try asking around and see if a friend can take your spot. You’ll get the refund and fill a perfectly good spot. Everybody wins!

Brewshop 501: All-Grain Brewing – Sun, December 7th

Sunday, December 7th -12:00pm-3:00pm
All Grain Slider - no date Are you ready to step into all-grain brewing but not sure where to start? This is an advanced class for the intermediate or experienced extract brewer. We’ll take an in depth look at the mashing process and different styles of mashing/lautering & sparging along with the enzymatic and chemical pathways involved. Additionally, we’ll cover water chemistry, malt diastatic power, and the basic trouble shooting techniques for avoiding/fixing a stuck lauter.

The class will run 2 hours and we will undertake a single infusion batch sparge, but participants are welcome to join us for the boil.

Beer Swap – First Wednesday of Every Month

At this Free Event we invite all Home Brewers to come share their beer with each other. It’s a great way to try delicious homebrewed beers and get feedback on your beer.

Bring a bottle to pour (and two to swap if you’re so inclined). We always have something special of our own to share.

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