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Hops Class Lecture & Tasting – Sun, November 8th


12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Our dedicated course and accompanying tasting will engross you in the wonderfully complex world of hops which are the delicate, cone-like flower giving many of your favorite brews their delicious and complex aromas and flavors.

Hops are wonderfully diverse and are used for multiple purposes. Each variety imparts a uniquely different scent and flavor – from spicy, citrusy, pine-like, earthy to floral. Our course will comprehensively treat each hop variety from every angle, covering its essential properties and nature: you will learn how to distinguish between hop varieties and their origins as well as how to harness them throughout the brewing process to produce a perfectly balanced homebrew. Learn how hops are used for flavoring, bittering, and preserving beer and leave with a deeper appreciation for the world of hops.

During the second half of the course, we’ll conduct a tasting to give you an experiential understanding of hops and their properties. Taste, identify, and discuss hop varieties at work in six aromatic and two bittering beer examples.

Each ticket type can optionally include a copy of “For The Love of Hops” (our unofficial textbook) at a discounted price. Space for this class is limited and it will sell out, therefore all sales for this class will be final.

Yeast Class Lecture & Tasting – Sun, December 13th


12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Brewers make wort. Yeast make beer. Our yeast class and accompanying tasting will delve deeply into the world of everyone’s favorite microorganism. The yeast lecture will cover:

– A history of yeast as it pertains to brewing and home brewers.
– Yeast Nutrition, growth and chemical pathways that effect home brewers.
– How to choose and maintain a happy yeast culture in your home brew and how strain selection impacts beer flavor.
– Pitching rates, Propagation, starters, collection (top and bottom cropping) storage.
– We’ll discuss the changes in Yeast cultures over generations and how home brewers rinse & clean yeast to repitch.

During the second half of the class we’ll conduct a tasting experiment to identify flavor differences between yeast strains under ideal fermentation conditions. Bitter & Esters took a large batch of beer and separated it into eight fermenters. We then pitched a different yeast into each fermenter.

The yeast class will be broken into two sections, Lecture & Tasting. Tickets can be purchased for either lecture + Tasting or only for the tasting session. Each ticket type can optionally include a copy of “Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation” (our unofficial textbook) at a discounted price. Space for this class is limited and all sales for this class will be final.

The Business of Branding Your Brew – Sunday, October 25th

Brand Me!

12pm – 2:30pm

The “Branding Your Brew” class is aimed at those who are in the beginning stages of opening a brewery, looking for guidance in how to approach naming, branding, and design, as well as breweries that are already underway but want to improve their branding and design as part of their overall business strategy. On an over-crowded shelf, good branding, design, and naming are some of the key ways your product can stand out. By better understanding these topics, you’ll be at an advantage, and able to get better results.

We’ll take a broad look at the following topics:

  • An overview of branding approaches, and how they relate to today’s craft brewing market.
  • How to incorporate branding and design into your business plan.
  • What to think about when coming up with a name.
  • How to find a good design firm, and how to foster a good working relationship with them.
  • How to steward your brand and design, and get the most out of it.

Class participants may submit questions via email in advance of the class in order to cover specific additional topics you may be looking for information on. Questions should be emailed to: tamara [at] by May 9th.

This class is taught by Tamara Connolly, Principal & Creative Director at We Are How, a branding, design, and web development studio. She has over 14 years experience helping clients from the retail, publishing, news, foundation, brewing, and health & wellness sectors implement well-conceived and effective branding and design solutions that help their organizations succeed.

Beer Swap – First Wednesday of Every Month

beer swapAt this Free Event we invite all Home Brewers to come share their beer with each other. It’s a great way to try delicious homebrewed beers and get feedback on your beer.

Bring a bottle to pour (and two to swap if you’re so inclined). We always have something special of our own to share.

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