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27fb22e4bd6fba6735482ae1ee5ced47Like all dedicated homebrewers, we're sure you'd like to stay informed of the latest and greatest happenings in the world of beer, but who has hours to spend on the internet everyday? We know that any extra time you have would be better spent on Facebook, so we are bringing the world of beer to you! Brew in Review will be a series of blog posts rounding up recent news and events about craft beer and homebrew. We 'hop' you enjoy it! A Week's Worth of Hops: #1 on our list is "Brewed in Brooklyn" - yup, you guess it, a film about the history of beer brewing in Brooklyn. Good news - it sounds amazing: did you know that Brooklyn was once the brewing capital of America? Bad news - the filmmakers need more money to put the finishing touches on it. You can help by donating to the kickstarter campaign. Then, we can all watch it together -- hooray! #2 on our list is Michigan. There's a lot to like about Michigan (Great Lakes, University of Michigan, etc.), but now there's more to like! Five Leaders of the West Michigan beer industry have made's "best of" 2013 list. Read more here... #3 on our list is "F.U. Sandy," a beer brewed by Flying Fish to benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims in New Jersey. They claim "F.U." stands for "Forever Unloved," but we know that "F.U." probably means something else, too. Read more here... #4 on our list is for the academics among us. The Beer Institute has just released a chart comparing average unemployment rates compared with monthly beer shipments during the same period. If you are not zzz'ing off at this point, you should definitely read this enlightening article discussing craft beer, unemployment, and the economic downturn. Read More here... #5 on our list is the wonderful city of San Francisco. We're partial to Brooklyn, of course, but if you happen to find yourself in San Fran during the week of February 8th, don't miss brunch and beer! SF Beer Week promises to be a blast with countless beer-centric events pairing craft beer with special brunch menus for 9 days! Broolynites already drink beer with brunch - take that San Fran!! No, seriously, this looks fun. Read more here... That's it. There's too much this week to sum up in one post. Feel free to comment and share more with us. Peace!

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