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onepuck3_610x489 We hope that you enjoyed reading our first "Brew in Review" two weeks ago. For those of you who are new to our column, this is our bi-weekly roundup of the latest and greatest home brew and craft beer happenings from around the globe (thanks to Google). A lot has happened in the past two weeks, but we've taken special interest in beer being used for various purposes - from powering factories and electronic devices to hydrating the human body after a workout and helping us unwind. We commend beer for its all-around usefulness! Take a look at this week's roundup: #1 on our list is Alaska Brewery for using beer to go green. These smarties announced that they will now use spent grain to power their brewery, offsetting their yearly energy costs by 70%. Who knew beer could be that powerful? Actually, we did. We've been heating Bitter & Esters with our brewing for over a year. Read more... #2 on our list is The Epiphany One Puck Project for using beer to power iphones. With this stylish, new coaster, you can power your iphone anywhere (as long as you have a cold beer to put on it). Although it's not as slim as most chargers, it's still small enough to place in a bag. The project is on Kickstarter. Read more... #3 on our list is beer's wonderful hydration properties. According to a new study, beer hydrates the body better than both gatorade and water after a workout. Read more... #4 is Dr. Justin Bazan for serving beer to his patients before eye exams to help them unwind. Most patients are fans. Go visit this optometrist in Park Slope, and please let us know what he serves. We're curious. Read More...

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