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AnchorPier48MediaVisual_Low-Res We've pulled together this week's headlines from coast-to-coast - from breweries expanding in the West to festivals taking place in the East. We're sure you've probably experienced some pretty newsworthy beer happenings this week, but since we're not privy to those details (please do feel free to share!), we've compiled this week's headlines. Here's what's going on between the Atlantic and Pacific: #1 on our list is Anchor Brewing Co. for expanding operations along San Francisco's waterfront. Their new brewery along Pier 48 will quadruple operations from 180,000 to 680,000 barrels of beer annually. Our hats go off to them for their pioneering spirit, which dates all the way back to California's Gold Rush. They were one of the first breweries in the United States. You go Anchor Steam! Read more... #2 on our list is American Craft Brew Fest, the largest celebration of beer on the East Coast. This year's festival is slated for March 31st along Boston's waterfront. Tickets are now on sale. The festival will feature 600+ types of beer from over 125 brewers. Although they have yet to release this year's lineup, we're confident they'll have some good stuff. Read more... #3 on our list is even more bottled brew moving into cans. This week, Sam Adams announced they will begin offering cans this summer, opening up the possibilities for taking beer to places prohibiting bottles (i.e., beaches, parks, etc). Although this makes drinking beer in public easier, you don't have to drink from a can (or Sam Adams) to enjoy drinking outside. Take your home brew in a cup or thermos! d'uh. Read more... #4 is NPR for releasing an enlightening info-graphic related to the biggest commercial beer manufacturers in the world. Do you always know what you are really drinking? Next time you pick up a "craft beer," double-check. We don't want to scare you, so if you would rather not know (or if you simply don't care), there's no need to look at their map. Read More...

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