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201109_craftbeerweek We're excited about this week's Brew in Review, which rounds up inspirational stories from New York City and beyond. According to The New York Times, it has never been more cool to drink and produce craft beer, locally. We're happy to report that brewers everywhere are making things happen this week - from expanding current facilities and opening new breweries to kickstarting new projects. Here's what's coming up in the world of craft beer: #1 on our list is New York City for rediscovering craft beer! 2012 marked the first year that New Yorkers bought nearly as much craft beer (versus mass-market labels) as the rest of the country. According to The New York Times, we're "making strides," catching up to other regions around the country, so watch out! Read more here... #2 on our list is New York City Beer Week. This week, there are dozens of events to keep you busy at venues in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. The party ends Sunday, March 3rd, so get a move on! Check out the full roster of events Here. #3 on our list is an inspirational story about a group of friends starting their own brewery out of Buffalo. Community Beer Works hopes to bolster the local economy, strengthen community ties, and revive Buffalo's beer culture. Recently rated one of the best new brewers in New York State by, they are up-and-coming. They plan to double production in 2013 to produce 450 barrels. Read more about their goals and aspirations. #4 on our list is Nebraska Brewing Company! We give them kudos for expanding operations to a new facility, drastically increasing the amount of beer they output and giving them the ability to can their own brew! Read more... #5 on our list is a Long Island Farmer, raising funds to import a German Hops Harvesting Machine. This machine will give farmers the ability to harvest The New York Hop, bringing together local farmers and breweries in a local revolution. Help support the project on Kickstarter here... There's only 12 days to go. They're a little over halfway towards meeting their goal!

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