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Brew in Review - National Homebrew Day

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This week's Brew in Review will roundup people having fun during the Big Brew, the biggest event of the year for homebrewers around the world. Every first Saturday of May, homebrewers everywhere celebrate their love for homebrewing. To date, there are an estimated 750,000 homebrewers in the US alone. If only we could know how much homebrew that equals! Before we get into it, a small announcement: here at Bitter & Esters we'll make a contribution to the Big Brew with our own celebration, a day late, but just as great! We're celebrating on Sunday, May 5th. Technically, we're celebrating on Saturday, too, since we're homebrewing and hosting homebrew classes - but Sunday is the official party. Come bring a homebrew to share (if you like). We'll make something of our own, too. Enough with the preamble! Onwards to the Big Brew. Homebrewing is all about having fun, so we've assembled a variety of videos with people doing just that. #1 California. We like this one. Lot's of food.
#2 Pensacola. Music can't be beat.
#3 Colorado: Great instructions.
#4 Wyoming: A sweet narrator.
That's it!

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