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Saturday's HomeBrewklyn Winners!

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At Saturday's big event, HomeBrewklyn, 20 local beer makers competed for the prize of best homebrew. Although there could only be one first-prize winner, we also awarded second and third prize as well as People's Choice and Homebrewer's Choice. This year's winners were: First Place - Ryan McMahon for the Hibiscus Wit Second Place - William Reder for the Beni Shoga Cider Third Place - Jon Luton for the "Old Jon Finn" People's Choice - Jason Sahler for The Farmer's Summer Brown Brewer's Choice - Robert & Christopher Sherrill-Moss for Adulthood Along with prizes for the winning homebrewers, $500 will be given to Harlem Village Academies! Enjoy some pictures from this year's event below. Every beer present was excellent. [wpsgallery]

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