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860_shot     Super BIG news here at Bitter & Esters! Chase is giving away a handsome sum of money -- think 6 digit figure -- to twelve growing businesses. It's a huge opportunity for us and more so, for the larger brew community, including YOU and the community you've helped us build in the last two years. Imagine down the line: a brewery, distribution, and multiple locations -- all under the Bitter & Esters banner of DIY and homebrewing. The community's happier with brewing in it, so why stop short? That said, it's time to show us the love! To be considered for the runnings, we've got until November 15th to raise 250 votes. Totally doable and easy. Just a press of the "vote" button on our Chase page and we'll be that much closer to the finish line. Takes 2 seconds! (and don't forget to put those social media channels to good use and help us spread the word...sharing is caring as they say) In the last 24 hours, we've managed to raise 125 votes -- high fives all around. Let's keep the votes a-comin people!

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