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Treat Yourself: Divine Chocolate Kits

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Tis the season to indulge! Take note: chocolate and beer do no wrong. In fact, we've got 3 kits for you to gift this holiday (perfect for those lazy winter Sunday afternoons). Presenting a new collaboration with Divine Chocolates (fair trade social enterprise co-owned by cocoa farmers in Ghana) and our limited edition Divine Chocolate Kits... Indulge for you and your loved ones here. Brewing Essentials (2.5 gallon kit that comes with everything you'll need to brew) Craft your own beer with our all-in-one brew kit, which comes with all the supplies, ingredients, and instructions you'll need to successfully make one full case of beer (that's 2.5 gallons/24 12 oz. bottles) BrewKit Divine Chocolate Porter kit (5 gallons) and Divine Milk Chocolate Porter kit (also 5 gallons) Divine Chocolate Porter is a roasty but refined power with a luxurious chocolate finish. The kit includes all the ingredients for a 5 gallon batch. Divine Chocolate Milk Porter is a delicious chocolatey light porter. All ingredient included for a 5 gallon batch. DivineKit2  

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