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Top 5 Brew Books of 2013

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We've rounded up the top 5 brewing books of 2013 and they're for every kind of brewer out there -- amateur all the way up to advanced. We've ranked them in order of easy to more experienced. Got comments, questions, or ideas of your own? Tweet @bitterandesters. ***

1. The Complete Beer Course

(Boot Camp for Beer Geeks: From Novice to Expert in Twelve Tasting Classes) by Josh Bernstein $24.95


This book is for :: Everyone who loves beer. Part beer journal, part tasting guide, part designer coffee table book -- this tomb has  something for every level of beer appreciator.  

2. How to Brew

by John J. Palmer $20.00 ZneK69ZiX8RxLLlOVmf0mUsWXCF_HQty_wd-uKi9zLU This book is for :: Everyone who makes beer. How to brew is the launchpad for every aspiring brewmaster who walks through our doors.  The amount of information is intense but NOT intimidating. You can start in 15 minutes with the first chapter ,"A Crash Course in Brewing" and spend a month or ten years exploring every nuance of the process from enzymatic reactions to the appendix on metallurgy.  It's the book to have on hand for EVERY brew day!

3. Yeast - The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

by Jamil Zainesheff $19.95 Yeast This book is for :: The would-be beer nerd.  This book should be on everyone's must have list.  The basic recommendations will take your beer from good to great, while the hard science can launch your homebrew into the realm of award winning.  From yeast propagation to building a home lab, this book has everything about our favorite microorganism.

4. Water - A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers

by John J. Palmer $19.95 unnamed This book is for :: The hard core beer geek.  What can we say? Water is 90% beer.  This book is for the "tweaker" who's mastered the other aspects of brewing at home. It's got a heavy focus on PH, mineral content and how to be manipulate these aspects to achive specific results in the final product.

5. Brewer's Association Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery

by Dick Cantwell $95.00 Screen-Shot-2013-11-25-at-1.10 This book is for :: The Brewmaster. You can see the writing on the wall. It's time to take the hobby out of the garage and bring your beer brand to the masses. But where to start? This book has 26 chapters of professional insight from Dick Cantwell, owner and brewmaster at Elysian Brewing Co. His down to earth revelations and serious business acumen will ensure that you avoid the most common pitfalls and seriously think through the realities of brewing on an industrial scale.  

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