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July is Good Beer Month in NYC

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[caption id="attachment_4466" align="alignleft" width="225"]Mayoral Proclamation A Mayoral Proclamation![/caption] The Good Beer SealI had the good fortune to sit down and chat with Jimmy Carbone, owner of Jimmy's No. 43 on 7th Street in Manhattan and one of the founders of Good Beer Month (as officially proclaimed by the Mayor!). Find out more about Good Beer Month here. I've known Jimmy for three years now when he first invited me to be on his Beer Sessions radio show on the Heritage Radio Network. An extremely likable and gregarious guy, Jimmy has been a champion of craft beer in New York for years (and a great friend of Bitter & Esters). If you love craft beer then you've been to Jimmy's and probably know the man himself. Always quick with a high five, Jimmy loves bringing people together through events, tastings and educational gatherings. With all the great beer flowing in NYC nowadays it is easy to forget that not too long ago it was hard to find a brew of quality in the greatest city in the world. It was a slow and risky move for small and independently owned places like D.B.A, Jimmy's 43, The Blind Tiger, Bar Great Harry, Spuyten Duyvil and Burp Castle to cater to craft beer lovers. But they did. When Josh Schaffner founded the first New York City Craft beer week everyone was thrilled, yet a lot of the small craft beer bars said every week is craft beer week for us. Getting people to know about all these great places was the challenge. So July is Good Beer month was born. Cofounded by Jimmy Carbone and the late Ray Deter of D.B.A., Good Beer Month is now in its sixth year. It is more of a media awareness campaign then a beer festival. Yes there are events happening all over the city, but it was founded as a way to expand the dialogue about the quality of beer pouring in the five boroughs, who was pouring it and promoting the Good Beer Seal. [caption id="attachment_4467" align="alignright" width="300"]From left to right, Yours Truly (John L), Tim Stendahl, and Jimmy Carbone From left to right, Yours Truly (John L), Tim Stendahl, and Jimmy Carbone[/caption] Picked by a panel of beer and food writers, a bar or pub that has the Good Beer Seal has been open for at least a year, is small and independently owned, carries at least 80% craft beer and is active in the community. If The Good Beer Seal is on the door, good business practices, good atmosphere and good beer are inside. As Jimmy puts it, the places you go to drink and hang out are really important. There are over 50 bars in the NYC area that carry the Good Beer Seal and with this growth the definition of the good beer seal is growing as well. They are looking to expand beyond New York to as far as Toronto! All in the belief that education about where you can get a good beer is good for all. Back to Good Beer Month, the best way to promote the idea of good beer and craft beer in New York is through media. Good Beer Month partnered with Edible to create the event Good Beer now at 82 Mercer, a food and beer focused event and a signature event of the month. Also out of Good Beer Month came Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy's weekly radio show dedicated to all things beer. Every July Jimmy hosts the show from the Greene Space in Soho in front of a live audience. This years three shows will be: July 9th - Beer in the 'burbs July 16th - Hops aroma and flavor July 23rd - Pairing beer with food. (On a side note, I was a guest on a homebrew tasting panel last year for Good Beer month with Chris Cuzme, Mary Izett and Sam Merritt at the Greene Space. It was an amazing good time and awesome to see how many people came out.) Another cool event happening is Coney Island on Tap sponsored by America on tap, a larger beer festival happening at the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium. You can also get the Good Beer passport for 35 bucks that will get you a pour at several craft brew bars in the city from July 1st to September 1st. It's a helluva town. At the end of July a summit will be held with bar owners, brewers and home brewers for the announcements of what is happening next with the good beer seal. Every month is a good month to go to your favorite craft brew bar but in July it is all about awareness and support. Show your love and raise a pint! Thanks to Jimmy for sitting down with me and giving me all this insight into his tireless efforts. It was an enlightening and interesting conversation which you can listen to right here: After our conversation Carla and I sat down for a food and cider pairing event Jimmy was hosting. It was so good I'm going to have to write a post all about it on another day. Drink good beer! John

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