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How to Make Cider

John LaPolla Cider How To

Making your own hard cider is quite easy (especially compared to beer) and turnaround can be very quick. New York State is known for it’s excellent apples and hard cider is a great way to utilize them. It can also make a perfect gift for the holidays!Here’s what you need to make a small batch (one gallon) of cider (all available at our store except juice): One gallon of apple juice (see below)  Table sugar (optional) Champagne/Wine Yeast Yeast Nutrient One Gallon Glass Jug Sanitizer Campden tablets Airlock and cap Funnel Racking cane Siphon tubing Carbonation Tabs (optional) Bottles (8...

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Bottling Instructions

Douglas Amport Bottling How To Instructions

Bottling Day Checklist: Fermented Wort Priming Sugar Bottling Bucket Tubing Bottle Filler Bottle Brush Bottles Bottle Capper Bottle Caps Sanitizer Paper Towel Bottling Day: You will need 48 clean 12 0z. bottles for a typical 5 gallon batch. Boil 2 cups water with corn sugar. Allow this solution to cool to 70˚F. Fill your bottling bucket with sanitizer (put your tubing in the bucket to be sanitized for later). Attach your bottle filler to the spigot and fill your bottles half way with sanitizer. Shake them up so you get the whole bottle wet with . Remove bottle filler (put...

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Brewing Instructions

Douglas Amport How To Instructions

Please read me: If you’re unfamiliar with All-Grain brewing we’d highly suggest that you take a look at John Palmer’s How to Brew before continuing. All-Grain isn’t difficult to do (lots of people do it!) but it does require a little more planning and equipment than extract brewing does. We’d also recommend taking a class, specifically our Brewshop 501: All-Grain Brewing Class. We brew a beer in the class so you get to see each step in action and learn about what each step means and why it matters. If you feel you’re ready to dive in - here’s a...

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