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See What You Can Brew — Stan Hieronymus

See What You Can Brew - E6 - Stan Hieronymus

Johnathan Hagen Biotransformation Hop Creep Hops Stan Hieronymus West Coast IPA

See What You Can Brew - E6 - Stan Hieronymus

In this episode John and Douglas speak with Stan Hieronymus about his latest projects, hop creep, bio transformation, the best ways to dry hop and why a 10 minute hop addition is unnecessary. Stan is the author of several homebrew books including Brewing Local, For the love of Hops, Brewing with Wheat and the beloved Brew Like a Monk. He also writes a beer industry blog called Appellation Beer.We've also got a new segment from our very own Certified Cicerone, John Hagen. With his gentle, dulcet tones, he'll be diving into a specific style for each segment and offering a...

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