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Hop Growing Kit

Village Vines

Hop Growing Kit


Pre-order by May 1st, 2019, with delivery by May 15th, 2019.

Use Code VILLAGEVINES for 20% off ($30!)

Village Vines, a nonprofit based out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, has partnered with Bitter & Esters to offer complete planter kit systems to grow 1 year old hop bines for beer production! We’re currently offering these planter kit systems at a 20% discount (regularly priced at $150).

What you get:

  • A 1 year old Hop Vine
  • A proprietary soil balanced specifically for growing hops
  • A year of free consultation in case any issues arise in caring for your hop plant
  • A 45 gallon, easily transportable grow pot with handles

Planter kit systems comes with one year old rhizomes which means you will get a small harvest of hops this year!

Growers can choose to keep the hops for their own use or donate them to Village Vines for the production of a “Village Beer." This production will be sold and, best of all, the proceeds will be split into shares amongst each grower who decides to donate. Growers with a share can then direct Village Vines on where to donate these funds from a small list of NYC nonprofits that Village Vines is partnered with through our "Grow to Give" program. 

By simply donating time to care for a hop bine and providing Village Vines the harvest at the end of the year, not only will your urban farming be greening our beautiful city but you will also be raising funds for local nonprofits.

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