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Mama O’s -  Premium Kimchi Paste

Mama O's

Mama O’s - Premium Kimchi Paste

  • Premium Kimchi Paste - The full line of Mama O's Premium Kimchi Paste makes kimchi at home super easy. No measuring, just perfect kimchi every time. Our paste is also great for foodies who love to cook and want something to brighten the flavors of any dish.
  • Vegan Kimchi Paste - Mama O's Premium Vegan Kimchi Paste is for the most discriminating diets. Totally vegan and made with all the ingredients that make the other pastes taste so great minus the fish sauce. No fish or shellfish are used in this all natural product.
  • Super Spicy Kimchi Paste - Our Super Spicy version is vegan and made with one of the world's spiciest pepper, the Bhut Jolokia aka The Ghost Pepper. The Ghost Pepper adds some extra heat and also gives it a nice smoky finish. Great for people who want a little extra kick with their food.

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