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Big Brew Day

Saturday, May 6th - 12pm to 4pm

Bitter & Esters is proud to be a part of Big Brew Day! Every year the American Homebrewers Association organizes an annual, worldwide celebration of National Homebrew Day. We at Bitter & Esters will be joining thousands of homebrewers and beer lovers for a toast to the homebrewers that craft outstanding beer.

In the spirit of Big Brew Day we'll be brewing a whole bunch of beer and inviting you to join us! We'll have a brew going for each of the official Big Brew Day recipes: Rushmore American IPA, Battre L’oie Saison, and Klang Freudenfest Oktoberfest Lager. These were selected by the AHA to celebrate the upcoming release of the fourth edition of How to Brew by John Palmer (a favorite of the B&E staff). We'll be brewing on our 15 gallon Brew on Premise system but we'll also be running the Grainfather and our classic all-grain setup and we want you to join us! We've got two spots for all-grain brewers who want to come in and brew and we'll be picking them randomly - just enter your name here! The beer will be yours to keep but you'll be responsible for packaging (i.e. bottling) after fermentation.

We'll also be offering a 10% discount on ingredients for all current AHA members and a 20% discount for people who sign up on the day of the event. Why should you become a member? The AHA can give you a comprehensive list but we'd tell you that you're helping support the homebrew community and you get access to a ton of awesome resources (Zymurgy, Brew Guru, access to NHC competitions and more). Plus, you get a 5% discount storewide - every day. Lastly, the AHA helps pass homebrew-friendly laws (like making it legal to homebrew in every state) which means they've got your back as a homebrewer.

We'll also have food and homebrew samples for anyone who stops by, in addition to some fun raffle items (Braulers and classes) to benefit Charlie Papazian's charity of choice. Feel free to bring in your homebrewed beer as well! It's going be a great day and we want everyone to come in and celebrate the wonderful world of homebrewing with us!