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Bitter & Esters Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Hey there homebrewers and beer lovers! Here is the 2016 guide to all the things you and your zythophile friends might need and/or want to satisfy Santa's unwavering need to make everyone happy. As always, we've got a few new options this year, with fun and useful gifts in every price range.

For the people you really love (i.e. yourself) ($150 - $200)

Blichman QuickCarb - $199

Have you ever thought to yourself, "why am I waiting 24 hours to let my beer carbonate? I need it now!" Thankfully, Blichmann has you covered on that front. The QuickCarb uses a simple circulating pump and a stainless steel diffusion stone to carbonate your beer quickly without a chance of accidentally overcarbonating. Interested in in-line oxygenation of your wort before pitching your yeast? Simply add an oxygen regulator and you're ready to go. This is a great gift for the advanced homebrewer who kegs. 

Hot Liquor Tank + False Bottom = Shiny Mash Tun - $185 (combined)

Ready to make the leap to all-grain? Great! You'll need a mash tun. We'd highly recommend our Coldbreak hot liquor tank that comes with pre-installed brass fittings and a ball valve. Add a drop-in false bottom and you've got a yourself a mash tun. This is an essential item for all-grain brewers and does a fantastic job of holding mash temperatures.

Wort Hog Pump - $169.95

Have you recently moved a 10 gallon mash tun full of grain and hot liquor? It's no fun and just a wee bit dangerous. Get a pump to do all that manual labor for you! The Wort Hog pump can handle up to 230 degrees of sweet, sweet wort and will make your life significantly easier.

For the people you care deeply about ($25 - $100)

Immersion wort chiller - $69.99

This is the often the first thing we recommend for folks who are really getting serious about brewing. It’s the fastest way to cool your wort down and doesn’t involve moving 3-5 gallons of near-boiling wort from your stove to an ice bath. Our 25 foot immersion chiller is American made and will save you lots of time (and effort) on your brew day.

Blichmann Beer Gun - $99.98 (combined w/accessory kit)

Have you ever wanted to bottle a little bit of beer from your keg? Maybe for an upcoming BJCP approved homebrew contest? Then it's time to get a beer gun. The BeerGun is an innovative stainless bottle filler that is more ergonomic and less complex than a traditional counter-pressure filler. One-handed operation—just pull the trigger! Easily fill a growler of your kegged beer for a party or fill perfectly carbonated bottles for competition

Maple mash paddle - $24.99

Made of solid maple, this mash paddle is a classy addition to your brewhouse. For the all-grain brewer a mash paddle is a wonderful tool to help to remove all those dough balls when you're mashing in. Can optionally be used on unruly house guests or elves who overstay their welcome.

For the people who you love but don’t see often ($20 - $30)

Anvil Scale - $19.99

This high precision digital scale has a capacity of 4.4lb (2 KG) and a precision of 0.005 oz. (0.1g)! This makes it just about perfect for water salt measurements (i.e. Calcium Chloride, Gypsum), hops and specialty grains.

One gallon Wine Kits - $29.95

Our one-gallon wine kits offers first-time winemakers a quick introduction to winemaking. They contain easy to follow instructions and all the additives you’ll need to ensure a perfect batch of wine and make great gifts. See all of our kits here.

Brewing Books - $20 - $25

Bitter & Esters carries a full line of books on brewing. We usually recommend the classic How to Brew by John Palmer which really does cover most of what you’ll need know. We’d also throw in a plug for Brewing Classic Styles which offers good base recipes to learn from and adapt. (We also carry books on mead making, cider making and all sorts of other stuff. Fermentation is awesome!) 

Stocking Stuffers

Beer Soap - $7

Does your brewer lack the fine aromatic qualities of a well made beer? Beer Soap is the answer! Keep your brewer clean and smelling wonderful with some beer soap. Available in Belgian Witbier, IPA, Porter, Oatmeal Stout and Apricot Wheat.

CarbaCap - $16.99

Ever wanted to carb up something on the fly? Get a carb cap! It fits on any standard USA 38 mm 500 ml, 1L or 2 Liter PET plastic soda bottle. Attach it to your CO2 tank & regulator, screw it on and get carbing. You can carbonate pretty much anything you can think of (water, juice, wine, spirits) with minimal effort.

Pocket thermometer - $25

A top performing digital thermometer that combines accuracy, speed of response and durability that can literally fit in your pocket (and/or protector). It has a five-inch stainless steel, heat resistant probe and digital quartz display, all of which is covered in an anti-microbial coating. It is completely waterproof and dishwasher safe.

Gift Certificates

As always, if you just can't figure out what your homebrewer wants for Christmas, there is always the humble (yet beloved) gift certificate. It says I care, and that I trust you to make your own decisions in life.