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Mead Class

Mead Making Class LogoEver want to grow up to be a mazer? In this workshop, learn the basics of fermenting mead (honey wine) and its long historical relationship to herbalism, medicine, and magic around the world. We will give a brief overview of our philosophy of natural meadmaking and introduce you to the tools you will need to make your own mead at home. This hands on workshop includes tasting of a variety of natural meads and will be hosted by Raphael Lyon - mead expert and head mazer at Enlightenment Wines, New York City's first meadery. Lyon is a maverick in the industry, heeling close to natural methods and spontaneous fermentation. He will introduce you to the basic chemistry of winemaking as well as how to use commonly available tools to begin a lifelong relationship with flowers, bees, yeast and alcohol.

Image credit: Heather Smithers - FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0