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Carabrown Malt-Malted Barley

Carabrown Malt

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Carabrown® Malt was developed in order to retain some residual sweetness while still delivering an assortment of toasted flavors. The overall character of Carabrown® Malt is an exceptionally smooth and clean tasting malt that begins with a slightly sweet malty flavor before delivering its payload of toasted flavors, then finishing clean and somewhat dry. Carabrown® Malt can be used in a wide variety of beer styles and is especially good in brown ales, porters and stouts. Use in bitter, pale, mild and Belgian Ales, wheat beers, bock, Oktoberfest, and Scotch Ales for flavor, complexity and color. Well suited for many beer styles for subtle flavor and color. 75˚Lovibond
  • Malt Style: Brown Malt
  • Flavor: Smooth, slightly sweet malty, Lightly toasted, Biscuity, nutty, graham cracker
  • Clean dry finish
  • Color: Light brown to orange hues