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Caramel Rye Malt - 1#

Caramel Rye Malt - 1#


Drum roasted in small batches. Malted from North American rye so it’s fresh, readily available and made close to home. Use to add depth and subtle flavor to many styles of beer.

  • Malt Style: Caramel Rye
  • Flavor Roasting of this grain develops touches of caramel and bread crust flavors that complement the spicy characteristic of rye. The result is a uniquely smooth and subtle yet complex rye malt with slight sweetness.
  • Color: Leans toward burnt orange and brown.

Suggested Usage:

  • 1-5% Adds touches of depth to lighter-flavor beers like Pilsner, Oktoberfest and Bock.
  • 5-10% Adds complexity to malt-forward beers.
  • 10-20% Adds an intriguing softness and slight rye-like character. Use in all rye-style beers for toast flavor and color as well as in Scottish Ales, Doppelbock, Dunkels, Stouts, Porters and other medium to dark ales and lagers

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