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Pint Sized Brewing Kit

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Pint Sized Brewing Kit


Our pint-sized brewing kits* are an egregiously ecstatic exercise in ephemeral experiences. Born out of our employees relentless desire to experiment with alternative ways to extract sugars from various malted grains and ferment them, these kits are a genuinely fun way to get into brewing. Every bottle will be a one of  a kind experience.

We've got four base recipes that will get you started:

  • Less is MO (IPA)

This mashup of British malts and Mosaic hops is a true American hybrid. Recipe & Instructions

  • Going Rogge (100% Rye Beer)

A beer uniquely suited to this particular size (because sticky mash reasons), this Kolsch/Roggenbier hybrid is something you just won’t find anywhere else. Recipe & Instructions

  • Saison du Pint (Saison)

A simple grain bill belies a complex flavor profile provided by saison yeast in this delicious farmhouse ale. Recipe & Instructions

  • Quantum Satis (American Stout)

This American-Style stout has just enough roast as is needed (i.e. “sufficient” for all you Latin nerds out there) to make a delicious pint. Recipe & Instructions

All pint sized brewing kits include the following equipment:
  • Quart Mason Jar (1)
  • Green Fermentation Lid (1)
  • 16 oz Swingtop bottle (1)
  • Muslin bag (1)
  • Campden tablets (2)

*We're not kidding, it's meant to brew a literal pint of beer.

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