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The Tank - Hot Liquor Tank / Mash Tun

Coldbreak Brewing

The Tank - Hot Liquor Tank / Mash Tun


Our hot liquor tank will take your homebrewing to the next level. Just add hot water and use it to sparge your mash tun. It comes with a screw on lid to safely hold your liquids. The 11.5 gallon capacity gives you 1.5 gallons more than the traditional 10 beverage coolers. This allows for bigger mashes and bigger beers. Features: 11.5 gallon hot liquor tank. The tank will hold temperatures within 2ºF for over an hour.

  • Stainless steel bulkhead
  • Ball valve, and 1/2" mpt x 1/2" barb
  • Low profile handles
  • Size: Inner Diameter is 13.25" - Outer Diameter 15.25"x 21"

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