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Brewing Essentials Kit - 1 Gallon

Bitter & Esters

Brewing Essentials Kit - 1 Gallon


Our one gallon starter kits come fully loaded with ingredients. Lots of kits have bells and whistles that cost extra, but we pare it down to the essential ingredients and equipment you need to make beer the right way. Each all-grain recipe is pre-milled and ready to go for brew day. One gallon kits comes with the following equipment:

  • One Gallon Glass Jug
  • Screwcap w/hole for airlocks
  • Twin Bubble Airlock
  • Racking Cane (small)
  • Siphon Clamp (small)
  • Siphon Hose (3 ft.)
  • Floating Thermometer
  • 4 oz. Sanitizer (Star San)

Choose from one of four recipes:

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